fall fun

Besides it being the season of my birthday, I've never been a huge fan of Fall. I look forward to Christmas far more than Halloween or Thanksgiving. Still, children necessitate making an effort to do fun things and create memories for them, so even though we were cutting it close and barely made it up to the Kula Country Farms pumpkin patch in time for Halloween, we made it, and boy was it worth the trek. Seriously though, nobody has to twist my arm to go Up Country anyway.
This was my first time to a pumpkin patch. I couldn't believe all the different varieties of pumpkin and just how many pumpkins there were. We LOVED the view, the cool air, wandering around and looking at all the pumpkins, and finally picking just the right one. (Errr....forgot to take a picture of it :) With traditions like these, Fall may just become a favorite.