It is with teary eyes that I write this post. For nearly two years we've been waiting, hoping for the right job situation to come our way. Keola's interviewed countless times. We've had so many almosts that it was starting to become difficult to hold on to hope.
Not anymore.
Keola got that job in Hilo. Not only is it a job that rewards the effort he made to earn his Master's Degree, but it's a job that he knows he'll enjoy doing, working with staff and students that he cares a great deal about.
Waiting these two years and everything that happened in that time composes the most difficult period of my life to date, but we made it through, and it HAS made us stronger.
I've never talked this way on the blog, but I just need to say that God did not abandon us. He put the MOST amazing people in my life to buoy me up. He strengthened me while I cared for my nieces. He allowed me to develop new talents and skills. He helped us help Grandma move out from under the crushing burden of an expensive mortgage (that process is almost complete). He helped our relationships with our family here to grow. And on top of all that, I've written about a lot of these things, and I know my thoughts and experiences have helped others.
I know he's done much, MUCH more for me that I don't even recognize, but I'm grateful for the journey we've been on. It has given me more strength, more patience, more empathy, more knowledge, more faith, more gratitude, more peace, and I am convinced that I am a better version of myself.
If you are in a situation where you are at the end of your rope, just keep swimming. From the other end of bad, I can see now that things really do get better.
Start date set for mid-November. Moving date a little before then.