just another photo challenge: breakfast club

It was hard this week for me to remember to take a picture of my breakfast before shoving it in my face. I had to put a reminder on my phone. Lame, I know.
Anyway here's what we had this morning: Corn beef hash, egg, and a smoothie. We have a smoothie every morning. Everything else changes according to our mood. Sometimes it'sbreakfast sandwiches, veggie omelets, oatmeal, doughnuts (from Homemade Bakery), leftovers...you name it.
Before I got pregnant with Noweo, I had oatmeal, a smoothie and one scrambled egg every morning, but the first trimester made me super picky and I never went back to that regiment completely. I do like the idea of having the same thing every morning for simplicity's sake, but there are just too many good things to eat in the morning.
How about you? Do you have a strict breakfast routine or do you find yourself rummaging in the fridge every morning?
in case you're interested:
Our Super Simple Smoothie Recipe:
1 large banana
6 frozen strawberries (we buy the giant costco bag)
a few spoonfuls of yogurt
juice - fill it up till it reaches nearly the top of the fruit. if you drown the fruit in juice it'll be watery.
blend till smooth, enjoy!
 I've been contemplating adding veggies to the smoothie, but I'm slightly terrified.
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