family time at the maui fair

We had pretty much the best day ever at the fair. We went early to avoid crowds and were able to quickly hit up all the rides Noweo was allowed on. Thank goodness Grandma came with us and we could use her handicap parking :) Noweo LOVES animals in books, but I think seeing them in person proved to be a little to real for her. Who knew cows and horses got THAT big? She was a little ʻopihi and preferred to "moo" at the cows and "cluck" at the chickens from her perch in Keola's arms. I'm also dying over that black and white rooster. How graphically stunning his feathers are! Inspiration truly pops up in the most unlikely places.
One of the coolest things about being a parent is watching your kid experience things for the first time. Last year we put Noweo in the healthy baby contest (BIG MISTAKE) and by the time we got outta there we were all tired, hot and cranky. This year Noweo got to experience 4 rides. Seeing the smile fill up her face whenever a ride got going was priceless. One of the rides even put her in the drivers' seat and it was adorable to see how extremely focused she was on not crashing.
My favorite part about this day was that we came home empty handed but full of memories that left us far more satisfied than any shiny new thing could leave us. It was energizing to get away from technology and immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds of the fair and in one another. The fair costs money of course, and I used to think that I was only getting my money's worth if I spent it on a physical object that would be around for a while, but the glow of that day lasted longer than the thrill of a handful of shopping bags. Now I see that there is true value in making positive memories, and while it certainly is not always necessary, it's ok to spend a little money investing in us. It's what keeps a family together.