around here

Needless to say, it's been very busy around here since my last post. Interestingly enough, our move to Hilo is not overwhelming in the slightest. I've already packed a bunch of stuff and booked our flights. We're thinking of buying a car here, throwing our stuff in it and shipping it over (we heard of a dealership that will ship for free). All that stuff is fairly simple and straight forward. It's trying to make sure Grandma's set in her next place that's keeping me up at night as we hit snag after snag in this short sale process. We seem to constantly be in limbo when it comes to Grandma's future, but we do what we can, and count on others to pick up where we leave off when it's time to go.
This move isn't the easiest one to make emotionally. This house was built by Keola's great-grandfather (he had a construction company, and I recently snapped a pic of the sign they'd post in front of new builds). When we leave here, we will leave a house with a lot of history, that Keola grew up in, AND the only home Noweo really remembers. Really, nobody wants to see the house go. It's tough on the whole family. Assuming the sale goes through, Keola and his siblings will never set foot in his childhood home again, so while we're moving to a good job and a bright future, we also leave behind a family haven on Maui. That's a little sickening when you think of it, but our material possessions come and go, and it is our memories that stay with us.
In other news I've been really good about running the last couple weeks because I finally decided to run without a goal. I moved my runs to the mornings and prefer the cool air, rather than the oppressive heat of the mid-afternoon. Now, rather than run a certain distance in a certain amount of time, I simply run to get my body going for the day, and because you just can't beat the sky at dawn. I run the same route every day - a little over a mile, a little under 15 minutes. I relish the time to myself, time to think, to listen to music, time to give my body some TLC. It's quick, it's a good work out (I get home sweaty but not depleted) and it forces me to get ready earlier in the day, which makes for a more productive day in general. Win, win, win win.
Today we're celebrating the birth of a certain 5 year old (my niece) so we'll be chasing each other with water balloons and gorging ourselves on some grilled beef teriyaki, cake and ice cream - likely the last party at the house, so we're making this one count.