wow Leoda's...WOW

Why did I wait this long to try Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop? Seriously. This. place. is. awesome. We headed there on Friday (for a b-day lunch). If there's one place I absolutely HAD to check out, it was Leoda's and I'm SO GLAD WE DID. Nestled in Oluwalu, it's a bit of a drive from Kahului, but who can complain when the drive looks like this:
and this:
and this:
Sadly, I only got one picture of the inside, taken as discreetly as possible because I'm not a shameless blogger. I think people would stare if I took a picture of the cool recycled plywood wall treatment painted in all the calming shades of the ocean, and I just can't take that. Leoda's is quite definitely country chic, a perfect blend of modern and rustic touches. Fresh and homey, and totally my style! The service was awesome, full of locals running the joint (which is nice, especially when you're so close to touristy Lahaina where all the shops seem to be run by recent transplants). Anyway, here's  a peek:
I had the blue cheese burger. Keola had the Leoda's burger. We split the fries. These burgers look like normal burgers, but they're NOT. The meat is fresh and perfectly cooked, the veggies crispy, the bun, soft, but won't fall apart as you eat. Homemade. Our burgers came before the fries, but I just had to dig in. I could barely fit it in my mouth, but what did make it in there was such an explosion of flavor there was nothing I could do but keep shoving it in my mouth. Keola patiently waited for the fries. To my "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???," he replied "The fries. I like to eat my burger with the fries." What a psycho. I couldn't wait for the fries, but once they came, MAN OH MAN were they good. What do you normally eat with your fries? Ketchup? Ketchup and mayo? Ketchup and mustard? Not when you're at Leoda's. I asked the waiter what the sauce was, and he let me in on the secret: roasted garlic and mayo. Divine!
Unfortunately, my stomach was full to capacity by the time my burger was in it, and so was Keola's, so my vision of a tabletop covered with pies for dessert wasn't going to happen. We opted to share a tiny chocolate macadamia praline pie. I was nearly in tears as I shoveled my half into my pie hole. Sweet crumbly crust, caramel, creamy chocolate pudding and thick, rich whipped cream accented with crunchy macadamia nuts and a thick, curled chocolate shaving.
The total for all this goodness? I don't remember. Keola paid for it, but it was around $10/burger and $4 for the pie. Probably not something I could afford every day, but priced right for a nice lunch out. And I can't say ENOUGH about the quality of ingredients. You get what you pay for.
Why did I wait to try Leoda's? I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA! People, if you haven't gone, and are waiting for an excuse, DON'T. Get in your car and drive over there RIGHT THIS INSTANT. You won't regret it. I didn't.