day of play

How was your weekend? Ours was mild and relaxed...much like the rest of our week these days. We are eagerly awaiting the next thing and it's easy to get impatient (especially me) so we're trying to soak up the peace and leisure of having so much family time while we can.
Saturday took us up to Pukalani. There's a playground across the field from the swimming pool that is usually pretty empty (probably because there's no parking nearby) so we like to go there once in a while. Noweo usually has the whole place to herself. We struck up a conversation with another mom and her 3 year old who mentioned the St. Johns Church Festival in Kula, and since we had already gone up the mountain, what's a few more miles across it? Besides, you can't beat the breathtaking views of the Central Valley and West Maui Mountains. Hands down my favorite thing about Maui is that you can see so much of it at one time, from just about anywhere.
We didn't spend much time at the festival since it was getting close to naptime (for all of us)... A quick lunch and walk around the vendors tables was all we could manage. It was nice to be around other people for a change. Our social life is pretty slow, so community events are always fun. We even met a nice little family with an 18 month old who really REALLY liked Keola. So fun to talk stories with someone new.
Sundays are for church and family and quiet. I try to get a lot of reading and journal writing in, trying extra hard to be more self-aware as part of my birthday goals. I grew up observing Sunday as the Sabbath, and while I didn't always appreciate it, I do now. I think it would do a lot of people a lot of good to take an entire day to recharge, rest, think and evaluate and (hopefully) be ready for the dreaded Monday.
How do you recharge on the weekend?