around here

Around here we're anxiously waiting to hear back from Keola's job in Hilo. The interview went great (he thought) and we were told we'd find out this week, though you know how these things go...
Around here i'm slowly re-working my categories and adding tags to make post navigation more effective. That means going through each and every post and re-categorizing it and tagging it (if necessary). Can we say TEDIOUS?
And while we're on the topic of blogging and social media, I've got a new twitter account:@joelleihilani. I'm still using @sopupuka but I'm using it JUST for SoPupuka stuff, whereas @joelleihilani is full of all sorts of lifestyle randomness. It's so nice to have that freedom. If you're not following @joelleihilani, you're missing out!
Around here I'm trying to speak more Hawaiian to Nōweo. I fail miserably at's hard when you're the only one who speaks (and not that well either. Keola insists that I'm fluent. I beg to differ.) We argued this afternoon over what a leaf is called: "Lau." "No, reeeeef!" "Lau. "Noooo, reeeeef." She can't hear "L." Should I be worried about that?
Around here poor Keola thinks he has strep throat. A fever on Friday followed by a sore, enflamed throat (but no mucus) threw up the red flag. He's been trying to nurse himself back to health with home remedies, but we'll probably make a trip to the doc if it doesn't improve in a day or two. ACV and salt walter gargling seem to be helping. Thank goodness he wasn't sick in Hilo.
Around here I've been studying up a little on Montessori. I don't know nearly enough about it but I like what I see so far. Anyone have an opinion? I've found a blog that I'm currently enjoying called How We Montessori. I'll be hunting for others soon.
Around here I've been DYING to re-vamp my wardrobe because apparently I still look like I'm 16. Seriously limited funds have brought any progress to a halt, but that's ok because I'm learning how to create a versatile wardrobe by buying pieces that double and triple duty from some friendly, down to earth style bloggers. Check out Audrey from Putting Me Together. She's my most recent discovery and I love how simply she explains things. I've already worked some outfits based on her advice and love the results, but I realize that I have a REALLY BORING wardrobe, so I'm building up a list of things to look for know...when we've got mullah.