aloha from hilo!

Today I'm writing from Hilo! Yes! I'm here, no, it's not forever (for all you Maui people). So what the heck am I doing here then?

A couple of weeks ago my Dad turned the big 5-0 and my mom planned a little fiesta for the 18th so she flew Noweo and I over to be a part of it and man oh man you should've seen the look on my Dad's face when he saw us (well...more Noweo but she wouldn't be here without me so he was equally happy to see me haha!). Big tears started to well up in his eyes. My Dad's such a softie and I love it.

It was a beautiful sunny day (good job Hilo!) and I jokingly told Noweo that there's more green grass in that area where we were than all of Kahului (yeah, Hun, you heard me.) After really thinking about it might be true.

I got no pictures of that day because I was a single mom keeping one eye on Noweo and one eye on whoever I was talking to but that's ok because I could really focus on just enjoying the company of so many friends and family that I grew up with. It's nice to be with new friends, but there's nothing like being with old friends who've known you for years. There was not enough time to talk to everybody but the feeling was just so happy. I'm so glad in came home for that.

I'm here for the week (till Saturday) and we miss Keola but we're having fun too. Yesterday we went to my Grandma's place where we'd be living if we came here to Hilo. It's a beautiful and bright studio space; larger than anything I've lived in. The challenge is that it's one big room (and we have a toddler) but it has the potential to become something really artistic and beautiful, with plenty of room to create. There's a huge yard that Noweo was already begging to run around in and she got pretty comfortable pretty fast there (good sign!).

The rest of our week is unscheduled, and I'm hoping to fit in some fun activities for Noweo as time and transportation permits. Hopefully I'll be a good little blogger and take lots of pictures. Mostly we're just enjoying the rain, the cool air, the greenery and the feeling of being back in my home town.