around here

Around here I'm taking good and bad news in stride and not try to control everything or freak out over things I can't control.
Around here I haven't started packing...
Around here we're not even sure we're going to Hilo anymore, but our flights are still set for the 16th. Long story. I'm not gonna stress over it.
Around here I'm getting back into blogging. Recent craziness has taken me away, but it's nice to work on blog posts as it takes my mind off of said craziness.
Around here I'm liking yellow. Can you tell?
Around here I'm SO in love with Noweo. Lately I've been especially loving her crazy infectious bubbly laughter, giant bear hugs and watching her slip into sleep. I love the feeling of her arms wrapped tight around my neck.
Around here I'm realizing that after a successful garage sale, my room now has the most stuff in it. How did that happen?
Around here I've learned that I will NEVER get a mortgage with Bank of America. They areimpossible to get a hold of. I will always bank local.
Around here we're hoping Keola gets hired this month. Please send a little prayer our way!
Around here we're striving to live in the now rather than wait for the future.