6 years in

Today Keola and I celebrate 6 years of marriage, and while that may not seem like much to some of you, I still can't believe it's been more than half a decade since we promised to be together forever. And while I think it's safe to say the honeymoon's over, our marriage for us has gotten better each year. When I think about my lifetime I find it hard to believe that he wasn't there for most of it, because he's all of it now, and I can't imagine it any other way.
This past year has been the most difficult year so far as we've questioned every decision we've ever made that brought us to this point. Not very practical, I know, but when life isn't the way you thought it would be, you tend to do that. But when it comes down to it, it's ok because though we've been stretched a little more and it was unpleasant at times, this year of difficulty has only made us closer and stronger and more in tune with each other than ever before. What we lack temporally, we made up for spiritually. Now looking back, if I had to do it again for my marriage to be what it is today, I would. We've always been good together, but this year made us better.