first friday, take 2

Last night I once again loaded up the car and headed up to Market Street in Wailuku to participate in Wailuku First Friday, and I incorporated quite a few changes into my booth, so I was just as nervous as the first time to see how everything would work and how the response would be. I took all the advice and feed back I got from the last time I went and it definitely worked out for the best.
  1. I got a fabric tablecloth. The vinyl I used last time just looked cheap.Plus it ripped. I attached velcro to the edges of the table and to the table cloth to keep it from blowing away in the wind. This worked amazingly well. I also used velcro to attach the "SoPupuka" sign to the tablecloth. I'll probably use more next time. I decided to tape down wording below the sign and that turned out to be the best because it was pretty windy at first.
  2. I added a description of what I was selling. I can't tell you how many people stopped, read the sign, and came over. Some people kept walking, but the majority of people seemed curious enough after reading what I was selling to come over and have a look. It was important for me to let people know that I was selling something Hawaiian, and I was selling something handmade.
  3. I added two more lights. The sand in the jar thing didn't work out so well last night. I had 3 different spills (fortunately everything was wrapped in plastic so I could just brush it off.) I needed up taping the lights directly to the table. After that I didn't have a problem.
  4. I offered a custom boxed set. This was  BIG hit. Some people got a pre-packaged box AND a custom box. I wasn't expecting that. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to do it, I decided to put a selection in plastic sleeves and tape them down to the table, and then have people tell me what they wanted and I pulled out their cards myself from another box. This kept my cards in clean and in order. I had a bunch of plastic boxes already set up with envelopes inside so putting a custom box together was a snap. I had my "naked" cards grouped together and divided by envelopes, but even then I had a hard time finding some quickly. I need to create a visual way to quickly see what I have.
  5. I only put one of each card set out. I think this added a sense of urgency for people to see that they might not be able to walk away and come back later. I actually sold out of my "Aloha Is..." boxed sets (though I still had unpackaged Aloha cards for the custom sets).
  6. I created an email list, which I got a handful of new contacts from. I didn't talk about it as much as I probably should have, but I find that I have a lot of information to share about my stuff, so I don't feel like bombarding people with MORE information. A lot of people took my card.
  7. I created a flier advertising my Zazzle products and displayed the shirt and bag I just received from them. I wore my own SoPupuka shirt.
  8. I added decals, which didn't sell as well as I had hoped, but they were kinda pricey since my per unit cost was kinda pricey since my first order was small. I might lower the price so I can move them more quickly. The cards were the big stars of the evening.
I don't know if the changes I incorporated were the reason for greater success last night, or if people were simply in the buying mood, or both, but I am happy with the way the booth evolved and think overall everything was really positive. Next time I want to offer free stuff like stickers if I could get people to wear an "I am SoPupuka" sticker I think that might generate a lot of curiosity. That's going on my to do list.
I just wanted to send out a BIG MAHALO to everyone that stopped by, old friends and new. If we met for the first time last night, Hi! I'm waving at you!
As always, thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.