The Good of Life

Yesterday my brother and sister in law who were visiting for the past couple days left with their adorable little one, who's about to turn 1. Preparations for her gigantic first birthday party in Hana are in full swing and I made little ribbon bows to top the 25 brown ceramic owls that will serve a centerpieces. I beam as my fingers juggle the ribbon and the glue gun because almost a year ago, we received a phone call that baby was delivered at 21 weeks. For weeks she barely clung to life, but miraculously she pulled through and now you'd never guess that she had such a rough start. Yes. I think only a gigantic first birthday will do. Fitting for the monumental effort she put forth to stay alive.
Today I'm sitting at my desk feeling the warmth radiating from the morning sun reaching through my green curtains. I've been printing and cutting and folding and working on typography like a person on a mission, prepping for my first booth. I'm thinking Swap Meetor Wailuku First Friday. I'm so proud of myself for finishing this typography project, which I'm planning on selling as a print:
This is near and dear to my heart because aloha has many interpretations and uses - so much more than "hello, goodbye" and "I love you." BUT, at the center of it all is love.
In a couple hours I'll go and visit my cousin, who just gave birth to a B-E-A-UTIFUL bouncing baby boy...after about an hour or so of labor. Jealous much?
In pondering all this, I can't help but feel grateful.
Grateful for the family I have right nearby.
Grateful for new and old friends.
Grateful that everyone is healthy and happy.
That our relationships are peaceful.
That I have something to work on and work toward.
That I'm learning new things.
And making new connections.
Grateful that I can witness new life, and old wisdom.
And see warm smiles and feel wet, open-mouthed toddler kisses.
Life is full and good.
What is the good of your life?