My New Completely Free Home Office

I'm really trying to make an effort to create a space that is conducive to work; someplace where everything I need is nearby, where I can comfortably be on the computer for long stretches, and where I can work with minimal distraction. Being a WAHM (work at home mom) working without distractions is almost impossible, but I can create an uncluttered space that doesn't take my attention away from the task at hand.
Getting my computer was a huge step to more efficient work. Yesterday I also threw together a new home office that has everything I've been looking for, and I did it in about an hour with stuff I found around the house.
I'm fortunate to live in a home full of old things, which is probably the only reason why this was possible at all.
A few days ago I was playing hide and seek with my nieces, and I saw this really nice sized table with a bunch of random stuff on it. It had a large work surface and was the perfect height. I asked grandma if she was gonna use it for anything, and if I could pull it out and put it in the bedroom. She had no object so I cleaned it up and moved it in the house. I originally had it facing a wall instead of the window, but the outlet was under the window so I thought that would be a better place for it. I know that's a hideous chair and possibly the only thing I might have to buy, but I don't feel like spending money to house my butt so I'm ok with it for now.
I managed to find a power strip that wasn't working hard enough and plugged in our phone and computer chargers and the Time Capsule. A strip of tape keeps the cords peeking over the top of the table to make charging easy. I'm putting strict limits on what is allowed to live on this desk: A cup of writing utensils, my time capsule, a notepad, and my phone. That way I can easily clear space for my cutting mat and board for making cards, and any other craft projects I have coming down the pipeline.
I decided I wanted the printer to be right next to the desk to make printing, cutting and folding notecards easier, but I didn't want it on the carpet so I had to find something to put it on. A quick walk around the house revealed this solid wood stool. I think it was built by Keola's great-grandpa but it's so well made and sturdy that it holds my super heavy printer no problem.I love the quality of old things.
The desk is old too, and I'm absolutely over the moon about it. I could've painted it or something, because it does look a little outdated in a not-so-hot way, but I'm totally utilitarian and don't really care what it looks like. I'm just so happy to give it new purpose.
The final icing on the cake was a little table and chair I put next to my desk for Noweo. Now she can color and draw while I work and it's ridiculously cute to see us both sitting at our "desks."
My only gripe is that it's so dusty in Kahului that by the end of the day the table is covered in a fine film. I try to keep the window shut and wipe everything down often. Hopefully that'll minimize any grimy-ness. The macbook air seems so...well...air-tight and easy to keep clean so I'm not too worried about the laptop, and you can't beat the amount of light coming in.
It's amazing how different I feel sitting at this desk typing away at this post. Design-wise this may not make HGTV but I feel settled and focused and productive. Prior to this I would work all over the place - the kitchen, the dresser across the room, the living room floor, the bedroom floor, but now that I've brought all my work to a central place I just opened up all my brain power that was previously going to moving work supplies here and there and re-arranging things and being uncomfortably huddled on the floor and being annoyed that I didn't have a sufficient work space. Now I feel peaceful, uncluttered, powerful and ready to work and I achieved it all FOR FREE.