Learning to Love...

A couple days ago I hacked my hair off. I saw this picture of Heidi Klum and while I'm not trying to look like her (really, it's pointless, plus I like being a tan brunette), I did like her hair. And since I hadn't cut my hair in a year and a half, I thought I had let my rat's tail grow long enough.
I don't have a stylist I normally see, so it's always nerve wracking to put my head under the blades of a stranger. Fortunately, I had a really good lady cut my hair. Just the right length with the layers just the way I wanted it. Some people don't believe me when I say my hair was really REALLY poofy in high school. With a short style, you can see the bigness it a little better, though even this hair is a little subdued compared to 10 years ago. Here's my hair au natural. I mean really. Au natural. I haven't even brushed it.
Ya know? I actually really like this hair. It brings out a playful, sassy side of me. It could be a real fro if it was a little shorter...which could also be awesome.
And here I am with the hair I've always wanted. Always. I HATED my natural hair and thought it was ugly. Straight has been the elusive style that I'd drool over. I love that people with straight hair can roll out of bed run a brush through their hair and walk out the door without wondering if anything connected to your head is defying gravity in unattractive ways.
I did a rush job this morning so it's kinda frizzy but wow what a difference huh?
I've come to a place though, where I honestly love both styles. Well, maybe the top pic needs a little styling cream, but I'm comfortable with not taking a flat iron to my hair every day. It's just a little way that I'm learning to love myself just the way I am. I wouldn't mind some interesting hair accessories though, just to spice things up. Any suggestions?
Is there anything about you that you've had to learn to love?