Back and Ready for Action

Wow what a great week we had in Laie! It started off a little rocky with some bad weather but we still had a blast with family and friends. Much, MUCH needed vacation.
The best part about it, is that I think this trip did just what it was supposed to do: make me excited to get back to work. I did a lot of thinking about the direction that I want to take SoPupuka and made some changes that I'm excited to share with you.
1) I ordered my new business cards before I left and when I got back they were waiting for me. Let's just say they're beyond fab.
They're mini cards and I think they're just small enough to make a big statement. All my details are nice and big on the back. I'm majorly thrilled!
2) I decided to move my Etsy shop and position myself to reach customers who don't shop Etsy. One Etsian said that she wanted people to recognize HER name, not Etsy. How many times do we say "Oh I bought it on Etsy," subconsciously giving Etsy the credit for what someone else created. I've also discovered that while most bloggers in my niche know what Etsy is, most people DON'T. So to try to explain what Etsy is every time someone asks what I do is kind of a pain. I also want more flexible options and I can get that elsewhere. Anywhoo, I've moved to Big Cartel, which you can access from the sidebar. I'll eventually change the URL to something that doesn't include Big Cartel, but I'll work on that later. Just know that all my cards can now be purchased (without an Etsy account) by clicking on the sidebar link that says "Shop SoPupuka."
3) Along those lines, I've decided that trying to figure out shipping costs is annoying. So for the time being, I've decided not to charge shipping. Yay! My prices will remain the same for now, but I may need to raise them as time goes on. I'm just gonna play it by ear but I think it's welcome news to everybody.
4) I will be working toward selling in person soon. I'm setting a tentative date for early May, to get all my inventory together and design a booth space, etc, but I know that getting my face out there can only help business. Plus it's super fun to meet new people.
So there you have it. I'm so excited to get going again and work toward making things happen.