Around Here

Around here we're feeling overwhelmed with hope and possibility.
Around here inkscape has given up on me (despite many re-install attempts) and my computer has slowed to a C-R-A-W-L and EVERYTHING business-related has come to a stand still so...
Around here i'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of my shiny new toy. You all convinced me. Because I check Fedex like a maniac, I know it left Oakland and should be on my doorstep tomorrow! I can't wait to start over! (I also saved $200 by buying refurb - sweet!)
Around here I'll soon be up to my elbows in envelopes. I decided to stop making them and just buy them because I don't want my business card to say "Professional Envelope Maker," which is what I would become.
Around here I've resorted to re-designing my business cards on my iPad while I wait for mr. slim to arrive. I'm gonna go with the moo minicards. Muy adorable!
Around here I've been filming Noweo more. There are no home videos of me as a child so I keep reminding myself that I need to capture Noweo moving, talking, dancing, living.
Around here I'm so thrilled that my brother's home from his church mission to Oregon. We went for two years with only email and phone calls on Mother's day and Christmas. He now speaks fluent Spanish because he worked mainly with Mexicans. If two young boys or gals show up on your door with a message about God, please be nice, even if you don't agree. They're someone's brother/sister and are far from home and family. I'm grateful for those who looked after him while he was away.
Around here a certain Mr. Keola has turned 30. What a busy decade the 20s were! I LOVE what he had to say on facebook about it:
Isn't that what life is? Adding some things and letting go of others and learning to be ok with that.
What's going on around your neck of the woods?