Wordy Wednesday

 This was going to be wordless but I just have to point out a couple things about this picture in case you're blind like me.
When I first took this picture, it was because I thought the juxtaposition of a baby next to graffiti was cool - something pure and innocent and something kinda gangster and defiant of society. Deep right?
But then Keola pointed out to me that the graffiti said "soul," which adds a whole new layer of meaning to the images, Noweo being a new soul, a happiness sponge and unaware of the soul-sapping facets of life.
THEN, last night as I was putting together these pictures, Keola said "Oh cool the arrow's pointing at her." Being my blind self I said "What arrow?" A second glance confirmed it. Someone sprayed the word soul on this bench with an arrow waiting for the right soul to sit on it and be captured forever.
I could not think of anyone better than my baby girl.  I'm so grateful this moment didn't pass me by. Stay soulful Honeybee.