Mini Sabbatical

Lately I've been feeling like this:
The large rocks are the important, essential parts of life, and the sand are the non-important, non-essentials. If you do the non-essentials before the essentials, you can't fit everything into your day.
I want my life to look more like this:
This is what happens when you do the big, essential things first, and then fit the non-essentials afterwards. Everything fits!
There are other, more important things that I need and want to be working on, but I find my time eaten up by mindless TV watching and perusing of blogs and additive social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest. The funny thing is, that while enjoyable, sometimes these sites don't help me become a better person. In actuality, I get down on myself for not being as pretty/fashionable/crafty/creative/healthy/motherly/wifely, generally amazing as everyone else seems to be, and I become discontent with what I have, focusing only on what I don't have. This isn't healthy.
I've noticed another side-effect: I'm having a hard time figuring out what I truly love because I spend so much time feeding off of the passion that others have for whatever they're passionate about so I think "I should love that too!" But really I just love what they do and how they do it. Does that make sense?
Then yesterday I read this glorious idea and thought BAM! That's what I need. Basically it says to ditch your goals and work on establishing good habits and when you establish good habits you'll be the person you want to be and be led to the life that will make you the most happy. I'm so good at making plans and breaking them. I feel like life has been telling me lately to just let go and work on becoming my ideal self by doing the things that feel right to me and just let it lead me where it leads me. You really should read it when you have time.
So anyway, I feel compelled to step away from blogging and etsy, and social media and for a little while and focus on the things that are essential to me right now:
  • God
  • Family
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Hawaiian Language
  • Reading/research
I love you guys, all my bloggy friends, but there are other things that need more attention, and until I learn to prioritize correctly I need to let myself off the social media hook and bring some balance to my life. So for an undetermined period of time I'll be stepping away but I won't be gone long. I'm hoping for this to be a productive, introspective time of reading and thinking and skill-building and when I come back I'll have more focus and drive.
A hui hou! (Until we meet again)
p.s. pics are from dotson5