Around Here

Around here we've been enjoying the last few hours of peace before our nieces come home and school begins.Around here we're cleaning out useless stuff, organizing what's left and trying to find a place for the truck load of clothes Noweo got for Christmas.
Around here I've had a blast connecting with other bloggers. What momentum I feel for 2012!
look how neat my desk/dresser is! that can't last...
Around here I can't stop playing with my new iPhone, and Keola can't stop teasing me about it. I try to play it cool, like it's whatevs but I'm not a very good liar. He also likes to hide it from me and laugh at me. Apparently I'm cute when I'm dismayed. Not nice.
one of the zillion pictures I've taken with said iPhone...actually, ALL of these pictures were taken with said iPhone.
Around here we are desperately trying to get into healthier habits after the holidays, but the steak, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, sugar cookies and cream cheese cake are making it difficult.
Around here we're excited to move forward - whatever that direction may be...
Ready, set, go!