Making Christmas Merry

Has anyone else noticed that while the entire blogosphere is all hopped up on Christmas cheer, I haven't written a single post about the upcoming holiday? It's a week and a half away and we JUST got our tree up two days ago. Sad to say, I've barely done any Christmas-ing at all, and it's not because of the weather. For some reason, I have a mental block on Christmas this year. I can't bring myself to buy gifts, wrap anything, bake anything, craft anything. I think it has something to do with the fact that early next year, we'll be hearing back from schools and finding out whether we're moving back to the mainland or staying here in Hawaii. You all know how much I LOOOVE HATE waiting. So part of myself just wants to get THROUGH the holidays rather than enjoy them.    However, I'm getting a little too future focused, so between now and Christmas, I'm really going to put for my best effort to make Christmas spectacular for the kids in my life, especially since today is the last day of school, and they'll be with us all day during the break.    Here are just some of my ideas: 
  1. Check out Maui Ocean Center / image credit: directory of maui  
  2. Stroll through some botanical gardens / image credit: Hawaii magazine
  3. Gawk at some Christmas lights / image credit: Christmas geek
  4. Bake some sugar cookies / image credit: moms who think
  5. Create some string ornaments / image credit: craft penguin
  6. And some paper ornaments / image credit: design sponge
  7. Build a ginger bread house / image credit: sweetopia
  8. Roll up some delicious caramel popcorn balls / image credit: the mother huddle
Hopefully all these little things will make me forget about the future for a little while and make the season memorable. How about you? Any big plans for Christmas Eve week?