Around Here...

Around here we're still cleaning up from the too-full suitcases that threw up in our bedroom. Around here we're glad to be back on Maui, the place we realize Noweo has lived the longest. This really is home for her. She was a wreck most of the time in Hilo, being a "new-to-her" place with strange people (aka Grandma and Grandpa). Skype just doesn't do them justice I guess. I learned an important lesson on how sensitive even the youngest children are to changes in their environment and vowed to work harder at keeping things as routine as possible for her, even though our life is kind of everywhere right now.
Around here I'm coming to acutely realize the need that Noweo has for a companion. Her cousins do a wonderful job filling in for #2 which I'm sure is anxiously waiting in heaven. She was so lonely in Hilo without kids to play with. As the oldest grandchild, I can relate.
Around here we're waiting for job offers and school acceptance letters, but with none of the nervousness and desperation we had months ago. I think we've become expert waiters and go-with-the-flowers.
Around here we've been contemplating what gratitude means. Today we think it meanschoosing what God has given us, rather than just being subject to it. A lot of times we don't want to accept the situations we're in. We waste so much time waiting and dreaming of the next thing, of something better to come along and miss the blessings that are right under our noses. So starting today we are making the conscious effort to take advantage of every day, to take control of our lives and not be victims of a bad economy. We choose to work part time and enjoy time together as a family. We choose to help care for our nieces whose short lives are infinitely more troubled than ours. We choose to use this time in our lives to follow our passions, write more, eat better and exercise. We choose to enjoy living on (HEL-LO!) M-A-U-I, one of the top vacation destinations in the world. Up until now we've spent very little time exploring the island. When you've grown up in a place, you hardly get around sometimes. There is so much magic here and we need Noweo to experience that.
Around here, we are happy, content, close, loving, full of faith, and blessed. Truly.