Around Here

Around here we're thankful that my uncle walked away from a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Really makes you think about how little control we have over our existence on earth, and that time should never be taken for granted.
Around here I'm switching to inkjet. Mom sent my printer over and it works beautifully! Now I can print on demand and not a sheet more, AND have control over the quality of my prints. Where I've been going, my prints turned out inconsistent from one print job to another.
Around here we're looking forward to Thanksgiving and being in Hilo for some R&R.
Around here I'm perfecting my envelopes. I think miracle tape will be me go to for getting a perfect, mess-less seal.
Around here I'm itching to get my ideas onto paper...virtual paper. They're all up there swimming in my head.
Around here we've been holding out for a job, but realizing that we're pretty content right now with the work Keola's currently doing.
Around here we're hoping he gets into a PhD program next fall. He's applied to BYU andironically the University of Oregon. (we JUST left!) I think he'd rather be there as a student than employee. Makes me think we should've just stayed...
Yet around here we know there's no time for regrets. Only time to move forward and learn from the past.