Mellow Yellow

I kid you not, yellow was a very elusive color this week as I kept my eyes peeled for something to take a picture of for the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge. Most of the yellow around here has something to do with traffic (parking lines, street lights, lanes on the road...) Indeed, Kahului is basically made up of three colors: green, brown, and blue. Kristi requested bananas, but after our last one went into our morning smoothie earlier this week, I've been too lazy to walk my butt down the road to Foodland and get more. Anywhoo, I think this little munchkin in her cheerful yellow shirt is much, much cuter. Hope this brown-eyed Hawaiian gal is satisfies your Aloha State craving Kristi! :)
I just love this girl's face. Her bright eyes, her chipmunk cheeks, the soft dark curls that stick to her face, her expressions of delight and her seriousness when she's in deep concentration. Sometimes she just sits down and stares off into the distance, and I can't help but wondering what she's thinking.
It's a lot easier to read my thoughts though: I just want to pick her up and squeeze her and kiss her face all over, and then put her down and pinch myself because she's mine and I can't believe that she's in my life.