north shore saturday

Yesterday Keola and I took a break from life, left Noweo with grandma and headed out to Paia and Makawao and pretended to just be boyfriend/girlfriend. It was nice to get away, but I was already tearing up at the sound of a baby laughing during lunch. Speaking of lunch there could be no more perfect place than Flatbread Pizza. I've been to Paia plenty times but never to this gem of a pizza place. Keola and I shared a delectable 16" pizza, half Kalua pig, pineapple, goat cheese and other heavenly cheeses and herbs and sauces and spices, the other half chicken, ranch and bacon. Our waitress told us that all the ingredients are organic, and that their restaurant supports 14 farms on the island! You can't go wrong when something tastes this good, is good for you, and good for everyone else. WIN! WIN! WIN! This will definitely be on the top of my list of places to eat when heading to Paia.

As we wandered down the road I stumbled upon a little jewelry store with the friendliest store clerk EVER. We chatted for at least 20 minutes before I spied a gorgeous pair of earring made of sea glass. These babies are made by a local family, who collect sea glass, shells and rocks on the beach and turn them into simple, earthy bling. Just my style, and a perfect item for my goal of buying locally made. More details on my purchase in the near future.

The heat from the coast drove us up the mountain to cooler Makawao, which you all know I love. By 3:30 we were heading back down to Kihei where we caught the 4:45 showing of "Warrior."

Um....WOW. Awesome, awesome movie and you should go see it now. Seriously, I think I cried 4 times.

Currently I'm dying from the aroma of the lemon grilled chicken recipe I'm trying out today. I'm 2 minutes away from sinking my teeth into dinner. Review with pics to come.

All in all, a picture perfect weekend. How was yours?