latest on the job front

So get this: Keola was supposed to hear back from a job not last Friday, but the Friday BEFORE that however, he gets no call. So he makes a follow up call on Monday. The lady said she was happy to talk to him but that she was waiting for an important phone call and that she would call him back after she got off the phone. So we waited, and waited, and waited and she ended up not calling him back.

Tuesday Keola calls again and leaves a message. No call back.

Wednesday he calls again. No answer. Not wanting to sound pesky, he decides not to leave a message.

THURSDAY he calls, speaks again to the boss and she tells him that he's their #1 candidate and that she wants to hire him but someone internal came out at the last minute saying he/she wanted the job. This person is apparently a student, so she's unsure whether or not HR's policy allows them to work that job (which is a full time position and students don't normally get to work full time.) I'm so confused.

Anywhoo, we have to wait until August 29th to hear back from HR.

So it's good news, and bad news. At least they want to hire him. But it does us little good unless they do. The boss lady (I know...I call her boss lady) said that there's another program going on in Kahuku (which is right next to Laie) that's similar to the one Keola applied for that'll also be hiring next month and the director is already really interested in Keola, so if this job doesn't work out, that other one has a good chance of coming through for us.

Bummer. I was hoping we'd be in Laie by now.

Spare a prayer?