keola's wife

Buggas Wedding
Of all the relationships in my life that I am defined by,  (daughter,  granddaughter,  niece,  in-law,  sister, mother) I am the most grateful and proud to be Keola's wife. I think I feel this way because he was the only one I chose. He is my companion through life and beyond.  It's been five years today,  since we promised each other we'd be together forever.  Each year has had its' unique challenges and blessings but the outcome of each year has been that we've grown in love,  respect  and adoration for each other. I love my life because he is in it. He gets me, and I get him.
Our daughter is a manifestation of our love for each other. It's so clear to me that her happiness is directly influenced by the state of our marriage. She is happy because we are happy. She loves because we love.
So,  as I type away the morning and watch my husband and daughter still curled up in bed,  I am struck by tremendous gratitude for the family I have created,  the life I have chosen. It's a scary notion - giving yourself to someone,  but when it's the right one,  the result is sheer joy. We have almost no worldly possessions,  but we are rich with love.  I have everything as long as I am Keola's wife. Happy Anniversary bugga.