it's all in the details

I love old houses for the feeling that something's been lived in, has stories to tell, has seen multiple generations born and grown. I love worn paint, quirky collectibles showing up in unusual places, rattling windows, the way the years are layered on as time ticks by...

Grandma's house, is just that sort of house.

This was belongs to little Keola. It's now my "office" chair.

Shoes make great doorstops. Just stick your foot in it when you want to close the door.

Noweo can climb on beds now. She also hits her head against the wall, which fortunately is a soft, forgiving wood.

[not about the house, but about the picture] We're sick. And our computer almost broke without us backing it up FOR MONTHS so when we got it fixed we immediately got out our time capsule and backed it up .

Noweo's obsessed with windchimes. I like this pretty rainbow dove one, even though it's wood and doesn't "chime."

The thing I love most about old houses like Grandma's, is that even though it changes and evolves throughout the years, it's still here standing, still the place where the family gathers, the rock in the storm, a place to come home to.