making friends with maui

If you've spent more than a minute on this blog you probably know that we've moved around A LOT since Noweo was born, and though we felt guilty for the constant change of scenery (often with wild imaginings of her with her future therapist griping about how she never had a real stable home), she was never old enough to REALLY understand that she was in a different environment...until now. Since setting foot on Maui's red dirt, she's spent most of the day being in less than a good mood. Things that normally don't bother her on the Big Island are apparently evil and deadly on Maui... Costco shopping carts, the bathtub, water in general, her car seat, Safeway shopping carts, and matter how cute and related they are, like cousins. And Mommy not being in the same immediate vicinity as her? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

But now it's dark and showers have been had and dinner has been half devoured and half thrown on the floor and today's deafening drama is replaced by the orange glow of streetlights and a peaceful little angel who leaves no trace on her slumbering face that she was ever plucked from everything she knows and loves and thrust into a completely foreign world full of strangers.

So there's an adjustment period to every change we make. Some things are easier than others to accept, but in the end, we learn to get along and make do and hopefully love whatever situation we find ourselves in...or change it.

So good night from Maui. I highly doubt you're enjoying your peace and quiet as much as I am mine.