around here

A couple days ago I spotted Noweo feeding Keola graham crackers and felt grateful foe sweet moments like that. Whenever I put a binky in her mouth Noweo grabs her ear. I guess it's sort of a lovey for her...

She's also perfecting her backwards walk by running at me, then turning around and backing up like a delivery truck, slowly lowering her butt into my lap. She will also sit on my back or stomach if I'm lying down. She does it so prim and proper like she's sitting in Sunday School or something. For walking backwards, she has a surprisingly good sense of direction!

Keola is so proud of his shrinking belly (He lost 3 inches!): He's been working so hard at running every day and it's starting to pay off! I can't wait until we're on our own and life settles down because I have big plans for incorporating a more nutritious diet into our lives - thus spurring even greater belly shrinkage.

One of my favorite activities is to sit at Wailoa park eating lunch and talking about the future while Noweo naps: I need to work on spending less time on the computer, and forcing myself to be physically away from it is a great way to do that. There aren't too many scenes that are more peaceful than a sleeping baby, yummy food, your best friend and a beautiful view.

Noweo's gibberish is sounding more and more like language. In fact, ("sch" in a whispered tone means "bird.") Obviously.

Lastt night Keola and I were talking about how great it's been to have spent this time with my parents. It was an adjustment at first to move in with them. I'd been out of the house long enough to have established "my way" of doing things, and it's true that a house isn't big enough for two women sometimes, but over the months we've gotten a lot closer to my parents which is a great thing for us and Noweo. Leaving is bitter sweet, but in keeping honest with ourselves and what we feel we need to do, we know that heading to The Valley Isle right now is the best thing for us. Besides, the breeze and beach and family is calling my name! See you there!