thoughts on weaning

Keola and I have made many of our parenting decisions ahead of time, and for the most part, have been successful in following through, but when it comes to weaning, well, Keola doesn't really have much of an opinion since the nursing relationship is strictly between us girls, and I tended to think that one day a switch will go off in Noweo's brain and she'll no longer be interested in nursing. I never really had a strong goal to nurse for a year. I pretty much decided that I would nurse for as long as Noweo wanted to nurse, but some counsel I got from her pediatrician has got me thinking otherwise. He said that when a baby makes a year, the mothers body begins to thin out the milk, assuming that the child should be getting the bulk of the nourishment from other sources, and if she relies too much on nursing, she may not be getting all the nutrients she needs and will begin to lose weight.
Well, no good mother wants an undernourished baby, so I'm trying to prioritize her feedings to be solid food first, breast milk second (dessert if you will...). I'm not worried about her losing weight because she eats very well, but I want to help her to understand that "big people food" comes first. She also nurses herself to sleep, and I have no idea how I'll get her to stop since she doesn't use a bottle, so it's not like I can give her whole milk or formula. I love nursing, but at this point I don't think it'll break my heart to stop. But I could be wrong.
How did weaning go for you, particularly if you never used bottles with your baby. Did you take deliberate steps to wean, or did you just go with the flow and let things happen naturally?