on my mind + project 1st

Lately I've been asking God to teach me more about myself. I talked about this with a friend of mine who came to visit me today. I think He is opening my mind to uncover gifts I never knew I had. Noweo's learned how to shake her head. Apparently "no" is easier to say than "yes." Hhhmmm...I wonder where she got that from? Hope I haven't taught her her first bad habit.

Keola and I decided that we're moving to Maui. Yes. M.O.V.I.N.G. After doing lots of soul searching and praying, we feel this is where God wants us to be. We leave in a few weeks. Yikes! But we could always come back if a job turns up here. Reality is that no jobs located in Hilo have called us back.

I have a new niece! Her name is Ililani (Eee-leee-lah-neee) (kinda close to Ihilani don't you think?) Her parents asked me to look for a name and this was one of them. I'm glad they chose it because its' meaning is so fitting. It means "unexpected rain." Rain is a blessing in Hawaiian culture. She unexpectedly arrived 3.5 months early. Weighing just 1lb, she'll be in the hospital for 3 months, but she is doing very well and we are excited to meet this little miracle. The fact that she's here and she's fighting for her life is a blessing to us all.

Keola's lined up 3 job interviews - 2 with Kamehameha Schools on Oʻahu and one at Maui College. I've never been that excited about living on O'ahu because you end up paying up the wazooo for a dirty apartment in a crummy neighborhood. Not all of Hawaii is paradise. Maui on the other hand...aaah how nice it would be to live there permanently!

I broke the news to my parents that we're moving again. I think I very near broke my moms heart. Why can't Hawaii be one big island? No matter whee we choose to live, we'll always be away from people we love.

Here's the Project 1st part of this post:

A few days ago, we bought this so that we could both create at the same time and it has worked out BEAUTIFULLY. This is a big purchase, but not as big as buying a whole new computer. We wanted to prove to ourselves that we are serious about a creative life and turning that into our livelihood. It turned out to be an awesome investment as I can basically do everything that I can on the computer on this and Keola can write the novel he's working on. Did I tell you he's writing a novel? Well he is and I think it'll turn out fantastic! I'm so excited for him to finish it and now he doesn't have to sacrifice writing time for me to use the computer.

Yesterday I created this on our new toy:

That line came from a song I wrote in high school. I plan to use more of my song lyrics to inspire art. It's the first step to opening up my own etsy shop. Playing around with vector graphics has turned into something astoundingly fun and I am so, so excited to create. I find ideas and inspiration everywhere, but it's hard for me to transfer my thoughts onto the art board sometimes because I'm just not that skilled yet. I know as I get better it'll get easier. This one turned out perfectly. The best thing about vector art is I don't need to know how to draw! I also want to do things with fabric and paint, but I'll wait until we're done moving and I have a slightly better space for that.

Speaking of Etsy, my friend Lindsay has been gracious enough to share a Mother's Day print for free! She has a gorgeous Etsy shop called Sugarfresh, but she shares updates to her shop and other news and discoveries on her blog. Such an inspiration! If you're wondering What to get a special mother in your life, this would make an AWESOME gift! Thanks for sharing Lindsay!

I'm really feeling hopeful. I KNOW Keola will find meaningful work soon that will allow him to write on the side. I KNOW I can develop new talents and skills and express myself in a way that will touch people enough to want my creations in their home. I know that soon we'll be in our own place and be able to create the space that WE want for ourselves. I just know it.

What do YOU hope for?