noweo's favorite cardboard snack...i mean book

One of the things I that most excited me about becoming a mother was sharing with my children the same books that I had read and loved as a child.

Well, since my cardboard book chewing days, there have been (to my surprise) many, many wonderful little reads that were written. Baby, I Love You is our favorite. Please note, I was not asked or compensated to review this book. We simple LOVE IT and I wanted to share.

By the way, Noweo actually likes the book itself too - as in the words and pictures.

I found Baby, I love You at Walden Books when we moved to Oregon and actually teared upin the store. I HAD to have it.

What do we love about Baby, I Love You?
Noweo gets the BIGGEST smile on her face whenever I open it.
The illustrations are simple, sweet and full of personality, the colors soft and relaxing. There is also a lot of affection between the babies and their puppies which models the kind of love and affection we are trying to foster in our family. Noweo LOVES to kiss the faces in the book. So. cute.
The rhythm and movement of the words is a joy to read
The book talks about different body parts, hands, fingers, feet, toes, tummy and cheeks, so as I read, I tickle those parts. It makes for great cuddle time and Noweo likes anticipating my tickles. Plus she learns the names of body parts.
There are LOTS of "I love you's." If you have trouble saying "I love you" to your baby (which I hope you don't), this book will help make up for it.
It's not too long, not too short and easy to memorize. Lots of times I find myself sitting in the dark waiting for Noweo to fall asleep, so I'll simply say the words. It's become an integral part of our bedtime routine and the PERFECT message for Noweo to hear before falling asleep - that she's loved.
We read it OVER and OVER and OVER again, and it doesn't get old. Surprising no?

Baby, I Love You is something I envision reciting to my kids long after they're babies. This book reflects my own thoughts of absolute love of everything about them - just cuter and more elegant with pretty pictures. Unfortunately our copy has been loved nearly to pieces. I'm gonna have to tape it up or something because it won't last very long as is. The spine is nearly completely torn off, and the paper has been separated from one of the cardboard pages, not to mention several corners completely devoured.

Still, I LOVE that Noweo loves books, especially this one. Reading has provided me some of my fondest childhood memories. I know that Baby, I Love You and other books we enjoy are a splendid beginning to a life of reading for Noweo.

What do you and your baby enjoy reading?