the art of distraction

When your baby is as young as mine is, you can't simply say "stop that" and expect them to stop digging through your underwear drawer (or in my case, underwear canvas box).
You can't say "stop rolling over" when you're trying to wipe their naked butts in-between diapers.
You can't say "spit that out" when they decide to use an inked rubber stamp as a chew toy.
You can't tell them to stop crying after they eat it on the kitchen floor.
They're not that good at English yet.

But you CAN distract.
You can hand her a fake wallet (or real one) to dig through while you re-fold your unmentionables for the 15th time.
You can give her the tube of Desitin to munch on (make sure it's CLOSED) while you throw on a clean diaper and snap on those 34 blasted snaps.
You can replace the stamp with a banana, or a sippy cup, or a teething ring or a cell phone because at least none of those things will turn her mouth blue.
You can begin an impromptu game of hide and seek to take her mind off her throbbing head.
Indeed, distraction is the greatest tool in a parent's arsenal. Is it manipulative? You bet. Is it vile? Not in the slightest. It is simply a matter of directing attention.
Keola demonstrated this PERFECTLY yesterday when he came up with a solution to baby-proof those plastic drawers I bought. I had tried to come up with some nifty, creative way of keeping her out...
Like making velcro latches.

It worked for a little while...

Until she ripped the velcro off the drawers!

I tried tying ribbon around the frame and in front of the drawer.

That's not really practical. Who wants to tie and untie a ribbon EVERY time you open a drawer?

Then in a stroke of genius that sometimes comes to Keola, he said "Why don't we just throw a blanket over it? She won't be interested in what she can't see."


So I hopped in the shower and when I came back, this is what I saw:

It ain't pretty, but IT WORKED! Since then, Noweo has not even attempted to lift the blanket up! It's like the drawers never existed in the first place!

I'd like to work on a more permanent, eye-catching way to disguise those drawers, but for now, this'll do.

It's all about distraction folks. All about distraction.