picnic in the park

One of the best things about having an unemployed husband is that the kiddo gets to spend as much time with him as she does me, so while everyone else kisses their old man goodbye, my daughter is just beginning another day with daddy dearest.

Today was the first blue-sky day in many, MANY days and we just had to take advantage of it.

We took a walk downtown to the little Apple store we have here to see when they're planning on getting the new iPad in (which we will be buying *squeal*)

I bought a couple pairs of pants for Noweo at this little consignment store we found ($2.79 each!). Believe it or not, it gets pretty cold here at night. Somehow I don't feel guilty shopping if it's for my daughter.

Shopping tends to make us hungry, so we headed off to Short n Sweet (a yummy, yummy panini shop with desserts TO DIE FOR) and I picked me up a roasted chicken pesto focaccia panini. I don't know what it's actually called, but my made up name sums all the best parts.

Keola grabbed a poke bowl (poh-kay) that he's been drooling over from Sack-n-Save (grocery store chain). Poke is raw fish in case you were wondering.

Then we headed off to my favorite park, Lili'uokalani (say that 3 times fast...or just once for that matter!) It's a GORGEOUS Japanese garden named for the last Queen of Hawaii. You can see all of bay front, there are ponds that open up to the ocean, lots of tall, shady trees, luscious green grass and everybody and their dog (literally) hangs out there.

We laid out a blanket, and the food and let Noweo come and go as she pleased. So she'd grab some food and walk around while she munched, chasing birds and enjoying the fresh air. It was so fun to let Noweo run wild instead of grabbing her and moving her away from the cabinet doors, or the exercise machine, or the computer (like I'm trying to do right now...). There are so many rules and boundaries in a house that isn't baby-proof (which is another reason I want to move out). There was nobody near us so she had free reign of our little pond of grass. Such a beautiful way to spend an afternoon!