birthday party! ack!

I've been avoiding Noweo's birthday party for a long time...mostly because I simply didn't know where to start. I know how locals do it here. They throw a GIANT luau. Mmmm....not for me. I'd like something a little smaller and intimate. When I started calling around to book a pavillion at a beach, I must've sounded like an idiot because THOSE pavillions are booked a year in advance! Silly me! I shouldn't've called my parents when Noweo was born. I should've called the county Parks and Recreaction. Well now I know. Anywho, I finally started looking around online for some inspiration and scribbled some color schemes with my trusty felt-tipped markers. Keola picked out the one he liked the best, which I then re-created in colourlovers. 
I also plan to make these pennant streamers and paper flowers:

and then I was planning to print out black and whites of  Noweo through the months and clothespin them (with those cute little clothespins) to the streamers.
Now to look around for cute centerpiece ideas...