back to waimea

Last Friday (I know it takes me FOREVER to upload pics) we took a drive down to Waimea, where Nōweo was born. We talked and reminisced about our many drives up and down the coast to visit the midwives, each appointment bringing us closer to our new baby girl.
We stopped off at our favorite food court and picked up some enchilladas while Nōweo ate and made funny faces:
CIMG2492 copy
And we went to the wooden park and tried not to get run over by all the big kids:
And I remembered walking lap after lap after lap around that park on my due date trying to get into labor. Noweo wasn't born for another 6 days. It's proven true that she does things on HER time and no one else's. I can't believe it's almost been a year since all of that. I LOVE Waimea. I never thought this little ranching town would be so special to us. It's usually the bathroom break between Hilo and Kona, but now it'll always be the birthplace of our family.