fried bananas

I've been searching around the Internet trying to find interesting ways to prepare Nōweo's meals, 1) because she is becoming more picky, and the things she used to LOVE no longer hold her interest, 2) because I LOVE experimenting and watching her explore the new foods I give her, and 3) because she's a person dang it and she deserves "the good stuff."

Here's some "good stuff" that I stumbled across over at Wholesome Baby Food. It was the easiest recipe and I had all the ingredients: Bananas, and butter (or whatever you want to cook the bananas in, but I think butter tastes the best.) Simply slice in half and fry for 5 minutes on each side in a tablespoon of butter. It'll form this GORGEOUS caramelization (which you might want to scrape off for baby as it may be a little hard for them to chew) but banana itself will be nice and soft. Serve warm and it's almost like a sweet banana pudding for your baby, but this is no baby food. I probably enjoyed it more than Nōweo did!

Got any creative and delicious ideas for feeding your baby? Share them below!