stupid spit!

For the last week or so I've been mourning the loss of my ipod touch.

Cause of death? spit. little sticky-fingered angel got a hold of it and proceeded to examine it with her mouth, and since she has no concept of swallowing spit, it flowed freely ALL OVER my ipod and short-circuited it.

But she's cute. So I forgave her.

Now Noweo's probably the YOUNGEST person ever to have an iPod Touch.

That's ok right?

Because we just switched to Verizon a couple months ago based on the rumor that the iPhone will soon be joining their lineup of gadgets....


and Verizon is the only wireless carrier that will reach my parents' house.

Well whoop di doo!

Verizon will certainly be the carrier of the much coveted iPhone 4...

but alas!

Since we stupidly signed up for a contract, we're not eligible for the upgrade until June 2012!

That's alright.

I can't afford it right now anyway.

Still, I need SOMETHING to tie me over till then.

Needless to say I won't be networking socially as much as I used to, since now I have to use the laptop, which I can never seem to spend any good amount of time on.

For an unemployed couple, we sure seem to be REALLY REALLY busy. With what? I have NO CLUE.

So until I rejoin the world of people with super cool mobile devices,

I will be rockin' my trusty pen and notepad.

Try not to be jealous.