girly girl

I don't know what it is, but ever since becoming a mom, I feel like I've also become a girl.

A girly girl that is.

I was BARELY into makeup in high school. (mascara and lip gloss was about it)

But now I find myself pretty religiously watching the makeup gurus of Youtube, learning about the art that is makeup application.

I'm not gonna go crazy....

I just don't want to turn into one of those moms that completely forgets about themselves post kids. I'm not hiding. I simply want to look put together, like I have life under control, like I have time to take care of myself, like I get enough sleep (because we all know THAT'S a lie.)

Looks aren't everything, and I plan on teaching my daughter that, but I think feeling good about yourself and taking time for yourself is a lesson that women too often forget. How do you remember?