heaven on earth!

Ok so here I am back on Maui and I'm once again a lazy blogger bum. Keola's had one job interview at the local university on Maui, but hasn't gotten a call back, most likely because it's the end of the semester and Christmas break coming up and blah blah blah I'm just saying that in an effort to keep my hopes alive. Needless to say, it's the week before Christmas and he probably won't hear from them until January because finals just ended. But enough of that. I am SOOOOO happy to be home. I don't care if we're broke, or what will happen tomorrow, or the day after that, or next month. What matters is that we're in a place we love with people we love. That's pretty much my literal idea of heaven. In the end that's all we have isn't it? The people we love. (And I'm assuming heaven will be a place we'll love). Gosh it is BEAUTIFUL. I knew this before. Every morning takes my breath away. Every. Morning. I love looking at the pale blue sky, the deep green mountains, cut by millions of years of moving water and wind, the emerald ocean. Noweo knows it too. She STARED out the window as we were flying in to Maui. She didn't care what Eugene or San Fransisco looked like. I think she knew she was coming home.

A couple of days ago we witnessed the tail end of a whale giving birth just off shore. It was miraculous and we were in awe of the new life we were witnessing. The world is bright. It is beautiful. It is ALIVE. We take Noweo outside every day - something we couldn't easily do in Oregon. She plays in the grass, in the sand. She gets dirty. I feel like she's getting to know the earth and her place in it. I love how curious she is. We've grown so distant from the Earth. We make fake air, fake floors, fake grass, fake ground, fake everything. We shield ourselves from it. There is so much artificial. Being home definitely brings us closer to what is REAL. Do yourself a favor. Go outside, take a deep breath. Smile.