writer's workshop: what's in a name?

Today I decided to begin participating in the Writer's Workshop over at Bloggy Moms. It's a nice way to not have to wrack my brain trying to come up with material for a new blog post, and to see how other blogger view the same topic. Writer's Workshop takes place every Tuesday with a new topic and you have the whole week to explore it. I found today's topic right up my alley because it's about BLOG NAMES: How did I come up with it, and what does it represent? Now for the five of you who've followed me for a while you know that I am soooo finicky when it comes to settling down with my blog. I am constantly changing it and am never quite happy with it. In fact I think about half my posts are about my blog itself. I guess this is another one ;)

My first blog was a family blog that no one ever read besides a few friends and family. Now that I look back at that, I kind of miss my old blog - Full Hash Hawaiians. It's an inside joke between my husband and I back when we were friends but not dating. We called our group of friends the Full Hash Hawaiians because we were always staying up late and not getting enough sleep so we looked "hash". Hash is what you look like right when you get out of bed. It was cute and it was us.

When I got into vlogging on Youtube, I was introduced to this whole world of moms on the internet, and I thought it'd be fun to create a blog just on motherhood. Thus A Budding Mom was born. I wanted a separate "Mom" blog because I wanted to keep some more personal sides of me on Full Hash Hawaiians that I didn't want perfect strangers reading on my "Mom" blog. I almost immediately hated it. I wanted something funkier and more unique that spoke more to my Hawaiian side, AND I soon learned that 1) I didn't like having to maintain 2 blogs and 2) I didn't really care anymore what material was on what blog.

*POOF* sopupuka (Poo-poo-kuh baby)burst on the scene. At first I wanted it to be a brand name for a baby-centric business I'm currently mulling over in my brain, but it has since evolved. I have a page on my blog explaining what "pupuka" means. "Pupuka" has a dual meaning. Depending on the way you say it, it can mean cute or ugly. When Hawaiians talk about babies, they call them "ugly" even though they mean to say the baby's cute. They do this because if you actually called a baby cute, the parents might believe you wanted the baby for yourself, or was jealous and wanted to harm the baby. Other say it's used to keep the baby from becoming snotty-nosed kids who think they're all that and a bag of chips. Saying "pupuka" is the polite thing to do.

Thinking about motherhood, and my new family life, it's been roses and thorns, laughter and tears, and I think the duality of the word "pupuka" captures that sentiment perfectly.

I feel like I change and evolve weekly, sometimes daily. Will sopupuka always fit me? I don't know. Will I use it for business later on? I hope so. But for now, it's just my little blog.