what's new noweo?: little chompers, big squeals

It's official. Noweo is well on her way to being able to expand her diet from mushy to chunky. 2 teeth have begun to make their appearance and are S-L-O-W-L-Y emerging through her gum line. Of course, when most people have bone emerging through their skin, they usually agree that it's an unpleasant experience, and Noweo is no different. She's clingy, fussy, and sometimes has a hard time sleeping, BUT, on the flip side, it seems that her sense of humor has really begun emerging - possibly as a defense mechanism? She laughs A LOT and there's nothing better than hearing those happy (albeit ear-shattering) squeals and giggles. She's also taken to randomly screaming....for fun. Despite our new high decibel entertainment,  so far, our teething journey doesn't seem to be completely turning our world upside down. Let's hope it stays that way!