Funny thing about miracles...we expect them to be impossible feats, inexplicable, unbelievable, wonderous, and wonderful. Maybe we're not looking hard enough. My friend Megan passed away two nights ago. I donʻt know if she was in any pain, or if she was aware of anything at all, but one thingʻs for certain: the miracle we were all hoping for didn't happen. That doesn't mean that this whole experience didn't produce miracles.

On her mother's profile page, Megan is quoted as saying after her grim diagnosis "There's no reason why this shouldn't happen to me. I'm no better than anyone else." For someone to be so gracious in accepting her trial when most of us would've asked "why me?' ...well that's nothing short of miraculous in my opinion.

The fact that she fought for FOUR LONG MONTHS, was able to hold her baby girl and savor those precious few moments with her husband and family, giving them a little time to prepare for life without her....well that was merciful AND miraculous.

The opportunity she gave us to share words and thoughts of love, comfort, and support rather than judgement or gossip in a society where we're so accustomed to hearing of slander, insult and betrayal, that's divine.

The fact that I hold onto my little one a little longer every night, smell her hair and stroke her soft cheeks and bite my tongue when I'm critical of my husband, and keep him from leaving for work on time to spend a few more minutes with us....that's precious

That we're reminded that family is the MOST important thing, and that it DOES NOT end in death, that our relationships are FOREVER, that is exultant.

So you see? Miracles happen. They may not be the miracles we want, when we want them, but I am convinced that God knew the tremendous good that would come of Megan's temporary state of suffering, did not abandon her but encircled her in a cocoon of love from the thousands of people who followed her story, and finally welcomed her home with open arms, a Father, beaming with pride at the grace and humility and patience His daughter demonstrated in the final days of her mortal life.

The miracle is not that Megan is alive, but that she LIVED, and we had the honor of being touched by her in some way.