Ok....so we're moving back to Hawaii in
We DON'T have a job (but LOTS of prospects)
We don't have a home (camping out at M and D's for a little while)
We have NOTHING.
And while sometimes I feel like screaming
because I felt like I was just in this situation a few months ago,
I FEEL different.
I FEEL like being home is where we're supposed to be.
I FEEL  like it's the best thing for our family.
and I'm NOT worried (well...as worried as I was this summer...hehehe) about the future.
Does that make sense?
Am I crazy? Or do more people than I think actually pull a stunt like this?
Have you ever taken a risk? Just closed your eyes and jumped?
and hoped on our way down it'd be a soft landing?
or that your parachute would open up?
or that someone would catch you?
Well, that's where we are right now.
I just keep telling myself that all birds jump before they fly.