baby daddy

The minute I learned I was pregnant, I began researching EVERYTHING I thought I needed to know about becoming a parent, and I learned A LOT. My husband? Less so. But he was a busy student, and me? Less so. I was constantly on the computer, reading books, watching youtube videos (and making some of my own) and let me tell you, I learned a WHOLE NEW LANGUAGE: the language of 21st century mommyhood. I learned pregnancy terms, birthing terms, parenting terms, the names of ALL the products I could possibly need for my baby, and THEN SOME.

my husband? Less so. But he could rattle off the stats of his fantasy basketball team for you in 30 seconds flat :)

Here are a few of his less-than-stellar but quite amusing baby vocabulary words and their meanings that he doesn't know I'm sharing with you so don't tease him about it:

stroller - pushy thingy

car seat - car chair

wrap - baby carrier (which it is, but wrap is so much faster to say)

spitting up - leaking

jumper - jumpy thing

I know there's more, but I have to wait until he says it to remember. Maybe as I remember more I'll add it to the list.

Soooo he's not as "well-read" as I am when it comes to all this baby stuff, but when it comes to our baby, he's the best. He and Noweo got off to a little bit of a rocky start when she pooped a perfectly round ball of meconium the FIRST time he changed her diaper... I mean, it was like she was blowing a bubble out of her butt - just this ever-growing ball of black tar-y poop that we actually POPPED. But once we cleaned her butt and covered it up again, he was smitten, and if there ever was a little girl who was loved by her Daddy, that little girl is mine