what's new Noweo?

Last night, Keola and I were talking about Noweo and how she is truly changing DAILY. This week she finally learned how to coordinate her hands and a legs and get them to get her places in an honest-to-goodness-CRAWL. She's also started pulling herself up on whatever's around - furniture, my legs (which means painful pinching), her dad...you name it. We both feel like she's developing so much. You can just SEE the leaps and bounds she's taking in physical coordination and intellect and we couldn't be more proud of her and amazed at the miracle she is.

So because of this fast progression, I've decided to start a new series called "What's new Noweo?" in honor of that very question that I'm ALWAYS asked : "So what's Noweo been doing lately? Is she crawling yet? Can she sit up? Is she sleeping through the night? (NO. Boo.)" Every time she adds a new ability or behavior, to her repertoire, or a new part of her personality emerges, I"ll stick it up on the blog.

So today? I guess she decided she wanted to be Spider Man for Halloween because she started trying to climb the walls: