Never Alone

Well, here we are, in Oregon, and let me tell you, this was not the smoothest move I've ever made. In fact, for the first few days here, we seemed to be on a downward spiral with all of our plans falling apart. It was nearly enough to reduce me to a puddle on the floor, and I'll be the first to admit that I had quite a long list of complaints.

This post however, is about the good that has happened since our arrival here and had I had the insight to peer between all the bad news, I would've seen more clearly just how many angels had swooped in to help us. I won't mention their names because I don't have permission to, but they know who they are.

As I mentioned before, we don't have family here. It was a childhood friend who picked us up from the airport and gave us a place to stay for the night, and even drove us the 2 hours to our new home.

When we got stuck in traffic and didn't make it to Enterprise before they closed to pick up our rental, we got a phone call from a friend saying that he was at our apartment and had all afternoon to help us. He lives about an hour away and came over just to help us. This happened literally while we were sitting in the Enterprise parking lot, trying to put our heads together to figure out what to do next. He took us shopping and we were able to buy enough food to survive the weekend without a car. He and his wife later had us over for dinner a few days later.

On Monday when the Enterprise near our house didn't have any cars and the next closest Enterprise wouldn't pick us up and we REALLY HAD TO GO SHOPPING because we were down to 1 diaper (yes. ONE), we contacted members of our church who lived in the area (complete strangers) and got a ride so we could pick up the car. The lady who helped us contacted young couples who lived near us, and we ended up getting invited to Sunday dinner at a neighbors'.

When we were trying to avoid paying the $100 delivery fee and week and a half wait period for a mattress we bought, a guy from church called us up and asked us if we needed help moving anything. He picked up our mattress for us in his big truck and brought it to our house.

Our first day at church on Sunday, we literally met 20 people who knew we were there who were waiting to greet us before we even got in the door. It was a small gesture, but one that made us feel comfortable and welcome.

Later when we were debating about whether or not we should take out a loan on a car, we got a phone call from a friend saying they had an extra car they needed to get rid of and that they would drive it down to us from Seattle (about 5 hours away) and catch the train back home. Now we have a car - and no car payment.

EVERYONE we've met has been wonderful. I mean really, really, uncommonly kind, and I know there were countless other moments that I've probably overlooked. I learned my lesson. I've tried so hard to be independent - to not need to ask help of anyone, but I don't have to do EVERYTHING myself, and indeed I can't, and never truly have. We are far from isolated beings. It's ok to rely on each other, and being the recipient of good will has made me more determined to give it.