More Holiness Give Me

In college, I had an inspired choir director who was more concerned with producing good people than good music. Every Wednesday we had a devotional, which always began with a hymn. This song, More Holiness Give Me was my favorite. Instead of singing it all the way through, she would play it three times (one for each verse) and each of us individually would choose the line that we needed in our lives. It was a powerful experience as we'd hear 5 voices during one line, 2 voices on another, 1 voice on another, and sometimes no voices. In those moments we came to understand that each of us is on a journey. We need different things in our lives at different times, and every time a line was sung, a prayer was said. Perhaps there are some things in this song you don't relate to or feel you need in your life, but I think there is a line in this song for everyone. More holiness give me, more strivings within. More patience in suffering, more sorrow for sin. More faith in my Savior, more sense of His care. More joy in His service, more purpose in prayer.

More gratitude give me, more trust in the Lord. More zeal for His glory, more hope in His Word. More tears for His sorrows, more pain at His grief. More meekness in trial, more praise for relief.

More purity give me, more strength to o’ercome, More freedom from earth-stains, more longings for home. More fit for the kingdom, more useful I’d be, More blessèd and holy, more, Savior, like Thee.