ma soeur

Pardon the absence over the weekend, but it was quite the busy 72 hours. I feel like life is changing at a rapid pace, and I've been going from really elated to completely deflated almost daily. It's hard to talk about what I'm going through without giving you this big long explanation that you know you don't REALLY want to read about so I'll spare you. No. I'm not depressed, although sometimes I do wish that I could just sit down with someone and spill. I'm just feeling overwhelmed, which is why I really need to do a Mahalo Monday, so I can think about something that makes me smile and makes me grateful to be alive.

Today is a very special day for a very special girl: My little sister. It's her birthday. She's turning 22. WHAT??? 22??? I was just 22. Seriously. She married her best friend this past August. I highly recommend it - marrying your BFF that is. So now I come in at a close second...

Isn't she beautiful?

Well, before she became beautiful, she was cute. How cute? THIS CUTE:

Yes. Definitely a quality pineapple.

Our first home in Hilo. We spent many happy days there

Our Aunty's wedding a long, long time ago. She had the most contagious smile.

She still does. She is a fiercely loyal friend, helpful, thoughtful, headstrong and stubborn, smart, hard working, practical, easy to talk to, lovable and kind. We haven't lived together in 7 long years. I miss her terribly but over the distance we have become closer than ever as we've confided everything in each other. I think I'd be a wreck if it wasn't for her listening ear. She is so so strong. Sometimes I think God mixed us up - that she should've been the older sister. She's certainly the smarter one, and everyone thinks she's older because she dresses better...but at least she's shorter than me :)

So today I'm beyond grateful that God has blessed me with such a wonderful sister. She is a special person and anyone who knows her would agree. Happy Birthday Rochelle! Whether you know her or not, wish her Happy Birthday on her blog and tell her I sent you :)

p.s. Sorry I had to steal these off your Facebook sis but they just make this entry SO MUCH BETTER!